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Reiki and Tarot Card Combo Session  


Tarot Card Readings 

My name is Jaymie, and I am so glad that you are here. I whole heartedly believe in the power of the Universe and that we all have the power within ourselves to manifest and drive our lives to exactly where we want to go.

I was raised in the foothills of Northern California primarily by my Grandmother who will always be a source of strength for me. I moved to Santa Cruz in my early twenties, and I have built a beautiful life in one of the most beautiful places. I am a Mother to one young boy named Aaron, and he is my greatest joy.

My hope is that I will bring more love and compassion into this world. I have always wanted to help people find the best in themselves and I truly admire those who have the desire to learn more about what their hearts are trying to tell them.

I have trained with Intuitives, and Reiki Masters and continue to learn and develop my own spiritual practice and I am thrilled to be able to help others open up to their own spiritual journey. I personally had to walk through some great challenges to find the truest version of myself and have the courage to live in authenticity, unapologetically.


If you are looking for some clarity to decipher any challenges in your life, or just simply want to clear out any energy that you feel could be blocking your heart. I can help shed light on a new perspective with the help of my cards or move the light through your energy center with my Reiki practice. The energy you bring to a session is what will show up, and I take great care in helping those who want to see what their higher selves are trying to tell them.



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The Tarot is a guide through the subconscious utilizing symbols and pictures. These readings are used for you to ask specific questions or
simply allow the cards to show you anything that you may need to know. 

An alternative medicine also known as energy healing, which can help
to align your chakras and restore emotional balance. This practice can be used for healing both emotional wounds as well as physical injuries. 

60 Minute
Tarot and Reiki Combo

60 Minute
Reiki Session

60 Minute
Tarot Reading


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60 Minute
Tarot Reading

This combo package brings together the revealing and healing  properties of Reiki and Tarot. A wonderful opportunity to have a reading and also do energy work to release and restore.  


A great addition to any
girl’s night, Bachelorette, special occasion, or Birthday party.
Book by the hour to do readings for that special group of people, in one location.





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Services are available for in-person or remote virtual sessions.


Melissa V.

"I had my first Tarot Reading with
Jaymie and I was so impressed.
Not only is she warm and comfortable
to be around, but the reading was also
spot on. I gained clarity on some problems
I was having and felt a sense of peace
after the reading was over. I cannot
recommend Jaymie enough."

Kamala A.

"Jaymie helps me hear messages from the universe. She has a gift for interpreting the
cards in a way that resonates with me, so much so that sometimes I am thinking the same words before she says them. Receiving Jaymie’s guidance feels synchronistic and helps me stay
present and in faith in exactly what is happening now. I highly recommend her services."

Alex C. 

"Jaymie is a beautiful, charismatic,
intuitive spirit. My Tarot reading was exactly what I didn’t know I needed to hear. She put words and imagery to all the intangibles I have been walking through, offering support, encouragement and affirmation of everything within my that I have been doubting."


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